About Us

 FOTO TRADE, by its name clearly depicts what we are and who we are. Serving here for more than 25 years, Foto Trade has grown from its flagship store to include a complete online destination for Photography, Studio, Video and Audio requirements at www.fototrade.net.

Whether you're a top photographer, a beginner, or someone who just wants to enjoy the latest in Photography, you will be treated like a pro. Since 1989, we've never thought of ourselves as just a store. Instead, we've been a silent partner to professionals at almost every news organization, dental colleges,modeling agency, magazine, newspaper, production house, fashion photographers, wildlife photographers, press photographers and in-house studio. Our customers have shot some of finest and most viewed pictures ever taken.

As a premier photo and video outlet, we are full line dealers for the entire range of photographic equipment and supplies. Whether you are a leading professional or new to photography, our expert staffs are always ready to assist you in finding the perfect equipment at great prices to suit your needs.

At Foto Trade, we care about your image as much as you do. That's why we guide every decision we make by asking the question, "How do we create the very best experience for you in our store, online, and when you're in the field?" We listen to the things that concern you most and try to anticipate what you need before you need it.

Not only are we the best place to find solutions to all your photo and video needs, we also offer educational seminars and workshops aligning with industry experts on a variety of topics and skill levels. From learning the buttons and functions of your first DSLR camera to advanced specialized topics, we have a seminar or workshop for you in every segment.